Fort Awesome

past shows

"the shit was doing that shit thing where it keeps coming and coming, no big deal, nothing we havent lived with before, so i called the shit cleaning guy. no answer. shit keeps coming. finally the guy tells me he's not doing a thing because the slumlord hasn't paid him." — nonhorse

so fortawesome is no more. not only as a venue but as an inhabited place.

it was great while it lasted and we thank everyone who played a show here and came to a show here.

lucas tells me he is setting up a new fort. check back here sometime for a location and information.

chuck is up and running with his tape label rub-a-dub tape club. and i wouldn't put it past him to organize a show somewhere at some point.

i (dan) no longer live in nyc; but if you make it to münchen, drop me a line. if i get about doing something (as i just might very soon), i'll be putting details here.

Reach out to the fort
or by phone: 718-302-0623
or by email list

Directions (map)
490 Morgan Ave
corner of Morgan and Division

Take the L train to Graham Ave
Walk towards the White Castle
make a Left onto Woodpoint Rd
 (one short block after White Castle)
make a Left onto Kingsland Ave
make a Right onto Division Pl
we're the first Red Door on the Left just across Morgan Ave